Monthly online dog training / SUBSEQUENTLY ONLY € 9.95 month


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Monthly online dog traning


Online dog training monthly

Monthly online dog training / SUBSEQUENTLY ONLY € 9.95 month


Access hundreds of hours of knowledge and + 1000 videos, exercises and entertainment to get a polite family dog. 

 The Reasom method is based on AVOIDING stress in the learning process. 

We have 3 phases in the learning process, which are crucial for getting a calm family dog. 

 Calmness is NOT an exercise in itself, but a REWARD METHOD where the dog does NOT become addicted to dopamine (stress) 

 We use serotonin, oxytocin, melatonin and tryptophan, which are NOT addictive and thus we achieve calmness. 

 Henrik Ljungström is the founder of the reasom method, where he has transformed thousands of dogs into calm, well-balanced family dogs 

 It is actually so simple that your emotions, actions, energies and your own state of mind are transferred into your dog without you knowing it - But you know that now. 


Remember that everyone deserves a polite family dog.

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In short:

With a subscription to, you will be able to strengthen your unique relationship, between you and your dog (or dogs, of course), through not only educational, but also informative videos, all of which show you the way to a polite family dog.

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