Monthly online dog training - coaching included / SUBSEQUENTLY ONLY € 39.95 month


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Subscription incl. coaching


online dog training included coaching

Monthly online dog training - coaching included / SUBSEQUENTLY ONLY € 39.95 month

We are super happy to be able to help you and your dog more personally.

With this video and personal help subscription, you get the opportunity to:

Personal dialogue and online training together with Henrik

Evaluation of your own training videos by Henrik

Participate in training courses with Henrik

Create a personal mentor course, with YOUR challenges.

Bettina and our admins are ready.

AND - Much much more………

👉 All this takes place in our Facebook group.

🙌 Find the group on Facebook here:

👨‍🏫 There you have the opportunity to sign up for training in consultation with Henrik, create a course with you and your dog, where you will be assigned a personal mentor.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Everyone can follow each other's progress, so there is plenty of opportunity to learn from each other's progress.

Once again, welcome, we look forward to helping and guiding you.

Greetings Team

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In short:

With a subscription to, you will be able to strengthen your unique relationship, between you and your dog (or dogs, of course), through not only educational, but also informative videos, all of which show you the way to a polite family dog.

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